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Kirey Group: the union of 4 major IT players in one group to become a leader in the marketplace

Kirey Group is an ambitious project with the goal to integrate four long standing Italian IT companies in the field of IT system design and system integration

Milan, July 20, 2017 – Kirey Group is a group of 4 companies that brings together and integrates the experience and practical knowledge of Kirey, IKS, Insirio and System Evolution.

The project’s goal, an idea of Vittorio Lusvarghi, the Group CEO, is to create “a new Italian IT player“, supported by Synergo SGR private equity fund. The new company aims to become a point of reference for businesses that want to innovate and optimize their processes using digital transofrmation.

With the benefit of merging together the experiences of each of the 4 companies and taking advantage of the know how, best practices and the client portfolio of each, Kirey Group supports medium to large size businesses operating primarily in the Banking, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Governemnt sectors (as well as in Manufacturig to some extent), relying on significal global partenrships and expertise/certification in key technology platforms.

Kirey Group presents itself as an innovation hub able to offer new efficiency models and develop high technology projects, also integrationg its own IT solutions with the latest technologies available.

In particular, the Group’s solutions pertain to six main areas:

  • Business Intelligence, dedicated to advanced business information management with mathematical models and analytical extrapolations of ever-performing, efficient and effective data;
  • Data Management, Governance and Quality, aimed at developing data management tools, guaranteeing the reliability and management of information assets, which play a key role as an enabler of business value;
  • Enterprise Application Management, dedicated to the implementation of management solutions able to adapt to the needs of the business and the peculiarities of business processes;
  • IT Transformation, supporting the evolution of businesses towards a digital reality;
  • IT security, dedicated to designing architectures for the security of company sensitive information and anti-fraud solutions;
  • Digital Execution, to assist customers in adopting the most innovative technologies, such as AI, IoT, Cloud, Blockchain and biometrics.

In addition to becoming a new reality in the Italian marketplace, the Group aims to grow internationally in Europe and Africa and,can already count on several international offices, active and supervised by qualified staff.

“This is certainly an ambitious project,” says Vittorio Lusvarghi, the Group’s President. “I’m convinced that we will succeed because we can count on a team of experienced experts with proven skills, a good investment capability, a solid customer base that includes the major banks and insurance companies in Italy, plus a clear, long-term strategic vision.”

“Supporting companies in their projects is the ultimate mission of our fund,” added Gianfilippo Cuneo, founder and managing director of Synergo SGR. “With Vittorio Lusvarghi, we have created a strong sinergy and as Synergo we are giving and continuing to give our entire support to the Group in order to reach the ambitious growth targets.”


Kirey Group

Kirey Group assists companies in their digital transformation path, offering specific know how in the field of technological innovation and process management, the consulting required to implement business strategies and a large collection of IT solutions designed to meet the needs of some of the major market sectors.

Kirey Group was born from the integration of the experiences of a pioneering group of companies in the design of information systems and system integration, thus ensuring the size and solidity of effectively pursuing its business objective: becoming a reference player for all businesses that need to evolve and optimize their processes through digital transformation.

With over 600 employees, Kirey Group can count on a headquarter in Milan and operating locations in Rome, Turin and Padua, as well as a significant presence abroad, in Germany, France, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Uganda.

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