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The business world is made of relationships. The insurance sector, which has always been one of the slowest and reluctant to change, often pays dearly for the lack or inadequacy in the management of customer relations and the evaluation of competitors.
Today, more than ever, insurance companies feel the need to anticipate and respond in a timely manner to the changing needs and expectations of their current and potential customers: customers can easily evaluate and compare not only insurance products on the market, but also insurance providers , independently determining the best choice.
Focus more on customers, adopt an innovative multi-channel approach and develop critical tools to expand their ability to meet the changing needs of the sector: these and many other aspects that will be addressed during the Insurance Distribution Forum event organized by Uniglobal the next 21 and March 22 in Berlin, of which Kirey Group, together with MPM Software (a company of the Kirey Group) will be official sponsors.
An event dedicated to the insurance sector and distribution partners, which will give voice to experts of international scope, to give concrete answers to how to drive the change taking place and obtain a real competitive advantage over the occurrence.