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The appointment is on July 4th in Pisa, at the Officine Garibaldi, with Bridge Consulting, a company of the Kirey Group, to talk about predictive Algorithms, IoT, web and social networks, as strategic tools for retail.
In a society that is increasingly connected through applications, mobile devices, sensor networks and social networks, the availability of data files that can be characterized as “Big Data” sources increases every day to the point of substantially modifying the way of doing business and science.
In response to the need for archiving, processing and analysis of the latter, the market offers “Big Data Analytics” software, which however often have numerous limitations.
This is why BEAM is born, a Big Data Analytics system prototype that aims to make the potential of this enormous flow of information simply and economically accessible.
We are therefore waiting for you in Pisa to discover the genesis of the project, the achievements and experiments of the BEAM prototype.