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The ABI workshop “BUSINESS AND IT: MIND THE GAP – IT Architecture and Information Governance for an IT near to Business” will take place on 28 November 2019 at the Bezzi Congress Center in Milan.

During the session Towards a service-oriented Data Governance, Kirey Group will provide an overview of ongoing initiatives, illustrating an overview of the technological contents and strategies for their implementation. Specifically, Valter Cavallino (Senior Information Management Manager) and Lina Ferraiolo (Principal Consultant Information Management) will talk about which levers and approaches Kirey Group supported in the evolution of the services offered for Data Governance and Data Quality.

The workshop will be a very interesting opportunity to project into the future, as data governance becomes increasingly important as a business enabler, making it essential to understand its value and be able to convey it effectively, to the various stakeholders. In this way the spread of a shared conscience on the returns of a structured approach to the theme is promoted.

For more information: agenda.