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There are many adoptions of the Devops model, but there is still no perception of the related security issues.

In the last years the Devops approach has been adopted in all those companies where it was necessary to have an agile approach to the development of applications. The adoption of the methodology was favored by the sensitivity of responsible for application development in perceiving the benefits immediately: reduction of time-to-market, greater agility in development and operations, cost reduction.

Today, however, a new priority has been added: IT security. Application development must adapt the time and space between the design of the new service/app and its provision to the end user in a safe and reliable way.

Cloud-native development has made applications and infrastructure interdependent, increasing overall complexity. From this point of view, security must not considered separately or at the end of this path, but it must be integrated with the same agility in the development cycle. The integration must take place directly in the pipelines, with the introduction of tools and processes that verify the state of security of the application in every phase of release.

The use of a SecDevOps approach greatly reduces the risk of vulnerabilities and regressions due to security fixes applied retrospectively from a one-time gating approach to continuous security & compliance, also thanks to the automation of some security control activities.

Kirey Group enables companies to SecDevOps by directing the choice of technologies and solutions and projects and providing technology control and management services.