Digital Solutions

New technologies are changing the market dynamics, both on the way business operates and on everyday life. Kirey’s experience in delivering solutions ensures companies with the specific strategy and roadmaps towards digital innovation.
Kirey helps companies to adopt technologies to redesign processes, services and business models, optimizing the infrastructure and finding solutions to operate in the most advanced scenarios.

Application Testing

Today investments on testing for core applications cover 10 to 12% of the IT budget. Companies are therefore constantly looking for the best way to maximise savings while improving scalability.
Kirey offers comprehensive and innovative testing services throughout the entire application development life cycle to reduce testing cost and improve scalability, while developing a global strategic plan to achieve better results at all phases of the application development life cycle.
Kirey’s industry and solution expertise ensures clients get both the right strategy, designed to fit their ongoing needs, and the implementation and management of testing procedures, relying on an excellent blend of industrial processes, patent resources and highly qualified experts.


Today’s organisations need to be flexible to adapt their business model and to compete with new start-ups: selecting the right software is key to achieve digital transformation.
Kirey has adopted Devops approach that focuses on the value of collaboration between development and IT operations teams. The goal is to reduce time-to -market, continuously improving the performance and stability of applications, and extending automation tools to a life cycle perspective, from provisioning to testing, from deployment to production.
Kirey supports companies to effectively build and run applications and solutions basing on a Devops approach, helping clients to identify and develop technological platforms suited to their existing environments through comprehensive service planning, and It management.


Cloud computing is a model for enabling fast, flexible and convenient access to computing resources (networks, servers, storage, applications and services*). On-demand self-service methodology allows companies to request resources on an as-needed basis.
Kirey embraces the new cloud-native paradigms, microservices and serverless architectures to identify the right tools and solutions for each client on a cloud-based environment.
Whether the requirements lead to private, public or hybrid solution, Kirey works in partnership with clients at every stage of a Cloud project and helps to make careful and deliberate decisions for their business, analysing infrastructure and application, identifying the best services and architecture to meet clients’ business needs and building the best service delivery scenario.

* Definition from NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Special Publication 800-146 September 2011

Agile & Microservices

When it comes to new paradigms of application development (Agile, Devops, Microservices), traditional IT needs to change. Business benefits are real, such as time to market and cost reduction, but can be challenging for those involved in the operations. Container technology is considered the best choice for running microservice architecture.
Transporting an application in production requires an orchestration system that automates deployment and scaling, monitors microservices and automatically responds to failure. Kubernetes, developed by Google and now became public, is considered a de facto standard in this field.
With the experience gained in managing Kubernetes in production environments, Kirey Group supports companies to adopt and manage microservices architecture.

Continuous Integration, Delivery & Deployment

To develop, test, and release software in a quick and consistent way, developers and organisations have created three related but distinct strategies: continuous integration, delivery and deployment. Kirey Group adopts this blend to improve the quality of development processes and software delivery solutions.

Continuous integration

A practise that encourages developers to integrate their code into a main branch of a shared repository early and often, instead of building out features in isolation and integrating them at the end of a development cycle.

Continuous delivery

It focuses on automating the software delivery process so that teams can easily and confidently deploy their code to production at any time.

Continuous deployment

Instead of waiting for a human gatekeeper to decide what and when to deploy to production, a continuous deployment system deploys everything that has successfully traversed the deployment pipeline.

Application Management (AM)

Mapping production processes and offering vertical solutions that contribute to drive business success depends on professional management and application expertise, industry knowledge and consolidated methodology. Kirey Group provides the focused expertise and capabilities to natively integrate and streamline processes, technology and applications, creating a competitive advantage in term of direction speed, accuracy of information, greater productivity and ability to respond promptly to the changes of business requirements. Kirey offers a structure to handle large industries like Insurance, Banking, Public sector and Energy, running important management integration projects and supporting core processes.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

To reduce errors and waste in the enterprise management, Kirey Group has developed a proprietary ERP system to manage activities such as accounting, procurement, project management and production. ERP systems allow access to business data coming from different sources, avoiding data duplication and assuring data integrity.
Instead of several standalone databases with an endless inventory of disconnected spreadsheet, ERP system allows all users to store and use the same data derived through common processes.
With a secure and centralized data repository, data is correct, up to date, and complete.

ECM (Enterprise Content Management)

Content management must be used to effectively accomplish business goal: efficient tools and technologies help to manage the complete life cycle of the enterprise content. Kirey Group has developed an ECM solution to integrate business contents and enhance performances, assisting companies in capturing, preserving, managing, analysing and delivering business data, generating insights and efficiently running activities. ECM solutions bring improvement, optimising and securing document workflow and reducing paper document management.


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