Information Management

Organisations can now take advantage of analytics and business intelligence tools to make sense of the ever-increasing volume of structured and unstructured data, Big Data. Providing business with an accurate, comprehensive and up to date insight of the corporate performance is a key priority.
Kirey Group delivers a sustainable and effective service to improve enterprise information management: the approach is focused on a “data” perspective to maximise the efficiency of information not only in the critical processes, but also in the implementation of predictive and prescriptive analytics Tools.


Organisations are moving towards an auditing culture to analyse and manage the critical aspects of enterprise information through advanced data analytics models.Kirey Group focuses on extracting and analysing information to generate timely insights and support day-to day operations and data-driven decision making.
Kirey assists in building and managing Data Warehouse (on premises and on cloud), defining information and KPI for company’s reports and dashboards (Data Visualisation & Reporting). Kirey supports Application Maintenance (functional and technical) to produce and develop long-term projects.
Kirey Group is proud to offer a Business Intelligence expertise centre, constantly updating knowledge on business functional analysis and technological tools, working in partnership with the Information management to drive business integration and support the definition of project requirements.


The integration of Big Data, Analytics and Data Science make it necessary to develop expertise and methodologies that quickly embrace new market opportunities. Easy handling massive amounts of data and rapidly modifying the rules at any stage of the system governance is essential: the focus have moved from project development to real innovation labs.
Kirey Group’s Innovation Lab can count on a team of Data Scientists, who can provide the best tools to explore data patterns, matching traditional models and the most advanced machine learning solutions, based on neural networks.
The Group is constantly working on an agile approach to Data Science, enhancing the design of innovative solutions and spreading the new concept of data processing to drive business value.

Data Governance

A timely and valuable insight into the overall company’s information assets is strategic. Adopting a data governance strategy helps to deliver data with improved quality and efficiency in decision-making. Kirey Group offers end-to-end Data Governance services and solutions: from management consulting methodology, improved data quality and storage, design of data governance and control framework to remediation actions and structural improvement of data quality.
Managing information assets requires compliance with specific regulatory requirements, primarily on supervisory practises and particularly in the financial sector: Kirey Group offers extensive expertise in this field and a consistent approach to regulatory compliance.


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