We develop IT solutions for the Owner Operators, the EPC Companies and their suppliers and sub-contractors. Thank to our dedicated team of professionals, we have made more than a hundred projects for the Oil&Gas industry. We follow each project in every respect: from the application to the infrastructure, from analysis to deployment, until the training.

Intergraph products

We are among the few to have specific expertise on Intergraph products, the world leader in IT solutions for the Process Power and Marine. Our knowledge of Intergraph and its suite of programming languages, together with the knowledge of the technologies from leading vendors, make us the best partner for consulting, management of applications and implementation of products add-ons.

Document & Data Management

EPC companies need specific skills to manage their documentation: they get data from different design tools, documents from various departments, information to be transferred to the legacy systems of final end user. We do requirements analysis, system implementation, definition of access levels, definition and implementation of the workflows, maintenance, customer service and all the IT activities needed in the Handover. We do all this with the best products available - such as Smart Plant Foundation - thanks to our knowledge of the dynamics of this sector.

Datawarehouse, Business Intelligence and legacy systems

Our overview is a key element for a competitive advantage. You can get it only with a BI process that allows you to pass from the data to the report. This is a key element for companies in the Oil&Gas market, which have to manage thousands of information from different departments and applications. Our experience on DWH and BI systems makes us the best partner on the market. Over the years and for several clients in the Oil&Gas sector, we have carried out many projects of customization, development and management of IT applications, to support business processes and operations.

Design, optimization and infrastructure management

We have a team of resources, certified on different technologies, engaged in design, planning and management of infrastructure, workstations and network equipment and security.

Security and site vehicles management

Having a real control of the system implementation phase is really important. Through the 3D technology we can simulate a model and update it in real time, following dynamically the changes that occur on the system. That's how we study complex solutions of Location Intelligence for the Oil&Gas market, customized according to customer requirements.

Material Management and Location Intelligence

We have expertise in the processes related to the management of materials, which is fundamental for companies of Engineering, Procurement&Construction. We know the main SW solutions for this market, such as SP Mat (Intergraph).