Public Administration with logos

Our services for the Public Administration covers more areas: from the online services for citizens to the application of Project portfolio management.from solutions of data warehouse and business intelligence until Business Intelligence services for infrastructure management. We work in a consortium with major market players such as IBM, Almaviva, Reply, Accenture, Selex , Engineering.

Governance of Public Finance, Datawarehouse and Business Intelligence

We made several projects for the computerized management of the national budget. We have also developed and managed applications for the computer systems of the Ragioneria Generale dello Stato and the Corte dei Conti, critical to ensure greater transparency and public financial control. The goal is to provide the fundamental indicators to guide the economic prospects of the country.

Open Source&Cloud Computing and Smart Cities

We develop prototypes and applications in SOA with the OSS Competence Centre, following the model Software As A Service (SASS), in line with the directives CNIPA about the usability of the solutions. We joined an interesting project (POR "Cumap", started in 2014) where we are involved in the development of a cloud-based platform, that allows the evaluation of the quality of software projects in ICT. The project is entirely Open Source and provides the interface with the Google cloud, which is our partner. For the new boundaries of Smart Cities, we are participating to the project PSF "Smart Grid Power and ICT" to develop a middleware based on the cloud for the collection, processing and presentation of data related to energy consumption.

Infrastructure management, network equipment and security

We have a team of resources, certified on different technologies, engaged in design, planning and management of infrastructure, workstations, network equipment and security. For the different departments of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Corte dei Conti, we provide specialized support services in areas such as security, management of network devices, services, System Test and certification of applications, monitoring and control of IT operations, management of workstations and other back end and front end activities.

Location Intelligence

Mobile and RFID technologies for real-time tracking are increasingly common. We have created application packages for the localization of vehicles and people through RFID technology. About location intelligence, it's remarkable our SW development activities for the project ""Muon Portal"": a Pon worth 9 million euro which will end in 2015, in partnership with INAF (National Institute of Astrophysics) and STMicroelectronics. The goal is the creation of open source software for monitoring of materials in containers that are handled in the harbours and the contrast to the smuggling of nuclear fissile material.